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Game World Hr

Game World Group is one of the most dynamic entertainment and casino companies in Europe.

The Game World group is comprised of many independent legal entities established as gaming and catering companies, including in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova and Croatia. The Game World group is one of the leading companies in the East Central European region – within the companies operating in the same profile. The group began operations in 1995 – operating gaming machines and slot machines in catering establishments. Game World is now expecting its guests from 2500 gaming places in the continent. The group, which 

initially employed only a handful of people, already provides jobs for more than 1,000 employees in 2008. The Game World group consists of over 30 entertainment centers and electronic casinos built on top quality in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova and Croatia.

Game World Bukarest, a company significant in Europe, especially in the gambling market in Romania, was the first to open a fun – service facility – about 1,000 square meters – in the Bukarest Mall, which already ranked among the highest ranked by then. The electronic casino here awaits its guests with an additional simulator room. In addition to Game World casinos built in shopping malls, the network in Romania has expanded with a new form of entertainment: City Casino is expected to feature players at frequent venues downtown.

The dynamic development of Game World is reflected in the fact that in a year and a half, four imposing facilities have opened on a large surface: an electronic casino in Cluj of 750 square meters, in Constanta of 600 square meters, and in Alba Julia and in Sibiu slightly smaller .

An important direction for the development of the Game World Group network is Slovakia also: the first electronic casino within the Game World Group opened after millennia at the Polus City Center in Bratislava, approximately 500 square meters. This was followed by two to three hundred square meters of casinos in Kosice, Zilina and Trnava, also in shopping centers. Since 2007, it can also be entertained at Game World casinos in Vienna’s Streda and Prešov in local shopping malls. The newest members in developing the network are Moldova and Croatia.

The first Game World casino opened in Moldova in early 2005 in Chisinau.

In January 2011, we opened the Game World Arena in Croatia at the Arena Center in Zagreb, which is our first slot machine in one of Croatia’s shopping centers.
Game World Group provides live casino services in each segment. The most modern slot machines have been brought from England, the Netherlands and America.
The service is performed by well prepared hostesses and the operational background is provided by highly qualified professionals. Servicing and putting into operation of the slot machines is performed by an independent service company providing service from 0 to 24 in the whole country and enabling the slot machines to operate properly within four to five hours from the reporting of the fault.

All of this fits in with the unique character of Game World, which is also evident in the interior construction of facilities and leisure centers. Open-mindedness, unburdened fun and moderate elegance – that’s Game World. Professional experience from decades of Game World Group members, expanding entertainment centers and successful businesses, and a large number of electronic casinos provide a guarantee for successful cooperation.



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